3032 North Decatur Road
Scottdale, GA  30079
404-789-8284 (phone)    
888-839-6368 (fax)

Hours:  Mon-Sat 8am-6pm, Sun noon-6pm

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Reasons to send your kitty to camp:
  • Your cat is on a special diet that requires more than just leaving out a bowl of kibble.
  • Your cat is on medication.
  • Your cat destroys the house when you're away.
  • You're moving.
  • Your house is getting remodeled.
  • Your friend is visiting with her cat or dog that your cat hates.
  • Your houseguest is allergic to cats.
  • One of the cats in your multi-cat household can't get along with the others when you're away.
  • Your cat gets lonely.
  • Your indoor/outdoor cat probably won't come in when you're not home.
Camp Kitty is the Atlanta area's premier cats-only boarding facility.  That means no dogs allowed.  Camp Kitty is a place where cats can play or relax in a fun, stress-free environment.  Our huge enclosures allow our guests to jump and stretch and be up high.  We also offer an activity room for the cats that just need to get out and play (note: cats from different households usually are not mixed).

Meet our adoptable felines!
Camp Kitty is the foster home to some wonderful cats from Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends (AARF).

Read about our feline fosters in Scratch ItCamp Kitty's Foster Blog.
In addition to boarding, we offer a selection of high quality food including Wellness, Natural Balance, Tiki Cat, EVO, Felidae, Nature's Variety Instinct, Taste of the Wild and California Natural, Dave's, Go! Natural, and Blue Buffalo.  We also sell litter, litterboxes, toys, treats, and beds.

Come in today to pick up your punch card for our Healthy Kitty Rewards Program.  Get all the amounts punched out of your card and receive a free bag of treats!



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