Meet the Counselors


Gwen, Head Counselor Pet Tech CPR Certified
Gwen jokingly calls herself the Jane Goodall of cats. Although she didn’t have a cat of her own until her late 20’s, she has learned a lot through reading, observation and firsthand experience. Her love of cats began soon after she adopted her third dog. As a compromise, she promised her husband that three was enough, so no more dogs. They didn’t say anything about cats, though, so, one day Gwen brought home a foster cat – a diluted tortie named Clea. After Clea found her forever home, Gwen fostered more cats. In the summer of 2007, she brought home a 2-year-old black cat named Birdie, who Gwen loving calls her third “foster fail” (because she couldn’t let them go). Birdie, you may remember, inspired the beginning of Camp Kitty.

Gwen has always had a love for animals. Growing up, she had a canary, a duck, turtles and dogs. Unhappy in the corporate world, Gwen discovered her true passion when she got involved in animal rescue. For four years, she served as the Animal Services Director for Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends. She has fostered five dogs and more than 40 cats. She is a member of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association.

Gwen and her husband share their home with two young human children, two precocious cats (Birdie & Lucas), two senior dogs (Madison & Tiggy), and Root Beer, a foster bunny through the Georgia House Rabbit Society. In her spare time, Gwen enjoys hiking with her family, cooking, drinking lots of cheap wine and bird watching.


Myra, Assistant Head Counselor Pet Tech CPR & First Aid Certified
Myra’s love of cats started at birth, literally. The family’s tom, Sylvester, almost immediately decided that baby Myra’s crib was the best place to sleep and that baby Myra was the best cuddle companion ever. Sylvester ended up being the first of many cats she has loved over the years.

Myra seriously thought about becoming a veterinarian until she remembered that she doesn’t really like dogs all that much. Instead, she opted for a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. After nearly two decades of social work, Myra was left wondering what she wanted to be when she grew up. Thanks to her volunteer work with Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends, she discovered Camp Kitty and began working there part-time. Myra was quickly promoted to Assistant Manager.

In her free time, Myra continues to volunteer with AARF, serving on their board and as a Cat Adoption Specialist. She also enjoys cycling, hiking, letterboxing, reading, building jigsaw puzzles, and all types of arts and crafts. She and her husband share a home with their (spoiled rotten) cat, Calvin, and their foster cat, Caesar. Myra has also fostered other AARF cats and kittens and frequently takes home a foster cat or two from work when Camp gets busy and cabin space is at a premium.


Jayne, Camp Counselor Pet Tech CPR Certified
Ever since her parents let her pick three kittens to adopt when she was five, Jayne says that cats have been a big part of her life. She’s come a long way since dressing her cats up in doll clothes and carrying them around the house. Before she began volunteering with Furkids, Jayne only knew about feeding cats, giving them love, and cleaning up after them. There she learned techniques to work with shy and untrusting cats. She learned a lot about the shy ones, and spent a year working with one cat in particular to help make her more adoptable.

When Jayne isn’t loving on cats at work, she’s probably loving on them at home. Jayne and her husband have four furbabies: cats Layla, Reesie, and Monty, and one senior dog Mitzi.