Camp Kitty is the only boarding kennel in the Atlanta metro area that is strictly for cats. No dogs allowed! Camp Kitty is a place where cats can play or relax in a fun, stress-free environment. 


Our custom-built cabins are big enough for the most playful of cats to jump around, yet intimate enough for the most introverted cats to relax comfortably. Cats who are more active and sociable get to come out of their cabins to walk around the boarding area. To have this privilege, all cats must be current on their rabies and FVRCP vaccinations. And, they must not be homicidal. At Camp Kitty, we have 33 spacious cabins for cats to enjoy.

Our standard cabins are 7’6” high and 3’ wide and 3’ deep with four floors. It’s like a townhouse for your feline who loves to live vertically! The litter box is placed on the bottom isolated from feeding and sleeping areas. The size allows room for the most playful cats to jump around and the levels are intimate enough for the most introverted cats to relax. Some cabins have cat doors for large families of cats or cats who need each other for comfort, but don’t want to be around each other all the time.

Our large cabins measure 5’ x 5’ and are also 7’6” tall. These cabins are ideal for large families or very large cats who would have trouble navigating our narrower cabins.

We also have single story cabins (referred to as senior condos). These cabins have more floor space for older or arthritic cats who can’t jump.

The kitten condos are our latest addition. These condos are located in the front lobby and are for kittens who may not be big enough to go into our standard cabins. Also, the cabins aren't in the general boarding area, which is one more way to protect kittens with their sensitive immune systems.

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The Cat Boarding Experience

Every cat that boards at Camp Kitty dictates her own stay. The only rule that applies to each boarder is that every cat must stay in their cabin the first 24 hours. Everything else is managed on an individual basis, dictated by the needs of the cats themselves.

When possible, we let the cats out to walk around on their own terms. Some cats are more outgoing than others. We carefully watch to judge the interactions with fellow boarders to determine if they are comfortable being out with other cats. It’s important to remember that cats don’t behave or think like dogs; a new environment can be stressful, and we certainly don’t want to exacerbate that stress by forcing them into uncomfortable situations.

Our Daily Care

At Camp Kitty, your cat will enjoy all the fine amenities premium cat boarding has to offer. Both water bowls and litter boxes are refreshed twice a day, every day, and your cat will enjoy the love and attention of a cat-adoring staff. Our facility features the PetAirapy UV sanitation system to keep our air fresh and clean.

  • Litter boxes are cleaned twice a day.
  • Water is changed twice a day.
  • Feeding is managed per parent-provided instruction.
  • Free-feeding cats get fresh food twice a day.
  • We play the Cat Sitter’s DVD for our boarders’ viewing pleasure, which is full of birds, lizards, and fish!
  • All this, plus lots of love and personal attention, when they want it.